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School Philosophy and Student Wellbeing

Windale Public School aims to create a safe and caring environment in which children learn to the best of their abilities.  Student wellbeing is therefore of prime importance in such a plan. Parents, please help us by encouraging your child to obey the rules.  You will also be helping the teacher in her/his task of developing your child’s independence and co-operation.

Enclosed is a copy of the Student Welfare and Discipline Policy, as well as the Anti-Bullying Plan that we wish for you to discuss with your child/ren. There are other policies addressing the school’s procedures on Sun Smart Practices and the Use of Technology, just to name a few, that are available, if required.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the progress of their children at school by becoming aware of the School’s Student Welfare and Discipline Policy, its practices and establishing lines of communication between the school and home to provide a uniform approach to welfare issues. Parents are also requested to sign an undertaking that they have read and understood the School’s Anti-Bullying Plan, and that this has been discussed with their children.


Children learn best when they are happy at school and when they feel that parents support the school and see education as important.  If you have questions about any aspect of the school organisation, or any matter that concerns you, then please contact your child’s teacher.

School Crossing - Children must use the school crossing where available.  We do not encourage parents to wait in cars on the opposite side of the road, please see your child safely across the road. Please observe the rules when crossing the road and following the direction of the crossing supervisor.



Windale Public School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning school. We explicitly teach the behaviours of Safety, Respect and Responsibility.  Each fortnight there is a focus on a different behaviour and how it relates to our school e.g. safety –using our fixed equipment. Students are encouraged through discussions and a variety of activities to explore each behaviour and use them in their daily lives.

Within the school, the staff use the following strategies:

  • Implement appropriate curriculum, meeting the needs of each student.
  • Encourage children to be successful life-long learners.
  • Implement a small number of class rules with the students which are easily understood, fair, clear and consistently applied across the school.
  • Support parents with their role in promoting acceptable student behaviour.
  • Provide appropriate training and development programs for the school community.
  • Provide programs that develop self-discipline, self-evaluation, communications and conflict resolution skills for the school community.


Values shared by our school are:

  • Positive and caring attitude with a sincere concern towards a child’s welfare and their learning.
  • Honesty, co-operation, sharing and adapting to change.
  • Community contribution, with cultural and family interactions embraced.
  • A professional approach to our delegated responsibilities.


We believe that:

  • We are all learners, and learning is a lifelong process.
  • Everyone has worthwhile contributions to make within our school.
  • Learning should be fun, with the school community motivating children to learn.
  • We all must accept challenges, believe in ourselves, and gain success through teamwork.
  • A healthy lifestyle, with a nourished body and mind, is a pre-requisite to success.




Caring for each other in all that we do,

Caring and sharing, honest and true,

Always our very best we do,

At Windale Primary School.


This is our School where we love to sing,

So make it a School worth remembering.

Honour in sport, encouraging,

We’ll strive to build this School.


Proud at work and in play,

Aiming high every day.

With our friends let’s all say,

We’ll strive to build this School.